Rahul College of Education


Academic Year 2021-22
Minutes-of-the-Meeting held

Agenda I : Sharing Action Taken Report 2022-23 prepared by I.Q.A.C.
The Action Taken Report was shared. All the initiatives made by IQAC were discussed.

Plan of ActionAchievements/Outcomes
Enhance Teaching Learning
  • Add on courses/Value added courses conducted for students
  • Best Practice
  • Faculty participated in Refresher, Short Term courses, webinars
Strengthen Training Placements
  • Placement orientations, interaction session with schools, campus interviews were conducted
Research Initiatives
  • Innovation Patents received by faculty
  • Approval received for Ph. D centre from Mumbai University
  • Faculty published research papers,books
  • Incubation centre Skill Set
  • Best Research Award
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
  • Student teachers integrated online tools, platforms in their lessons and activities- video recordings of lessons, activities for assembly and CCA, e-newsletter.
Strengthening Alumni Engagement
  • Session on Mathematics to celebrate PiDay
Community Out reach
  • Community service by student teachers
  • Street play on Human Rights Commission, Aids awareness
  • Extension activity-food mela
Establishing an Eco-friendly campus
  • Greening the campus
  • Wet and Dry Waste management

Agenda II : Preparing of AQAR
All the Criterions were discussed and report writing and documentation work were carried doubt.

Agenda III : Discussion on preparing SAR
All the Criterions were discussed and report writing and documentation work were carried out by the faculty members. Sources for the resources related to each criterion were discussed.

Agenda IV: Discussion of Plan of Action for the year 2022-2023
Keep in mind the objectives of the B.Ed program the teachers discussed the plan of action for the year 2022-2023 wherein various academic as well as co-curricular activities which can be conducted were discussed.

Agenda V : Monthly portfolio wise task allocation
The portfolios for the academic year 2021-2022 were discussed and allocated among the faculty.

Agenda VI : Discussion on Institutional distinctiveness

The institutional goals which are in line with the institution’s vision of making responsible teachers with the help of trained and dedicated faculty, RCOE were discussed in order to develop professional teachers, have respect for the environment and nation, and also should contribute to technological development.