Rahul College of Education

Centre of Excellence

Rahul College of Education (RCOE) has partnered with OrangeSlates to offer high-quality online programs and certificate courses that aim to upgrade educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in today’s ever-evolving world of teaching and learning. This collaboration has resulted in the establishment of the ‘Shree L.R. Tiwari Centre of Excellence’ – powered by OrangeSlates, which offers research-based and purpose-driven training programs for student teachers. OrangeSlates is a community of progressive educators who learn from each other’s experiences and work to bring about a quantifiable difference in educators’ deliveries and outcomes. Their programs and courses are designed to help educators achieve their career goals and prepare for the future’s many challenges. With more than 400 programs, OrangeSlates has powered over 25,000 educators and over 1100 institutions with their robust 4C Methodology that ensures immediate impact in the classrooms. The partnership between RCOE and OrangeSlates is a significant milestone in the journey of Rahul Education. Mrs. Krishna Tiwari, Jt. Secretary, and Mr. Utsav Tiwari, COO of Rahul Education, have joined hands with OrangeSlates to emphasize the importance of high-quality training for student teachers to prepare them for their future careers.

Enhance Teaching Skills with Interactive, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Learner-Centered, Experiential, and Visible Thinking Routine Courses – Get Certified Online/Offline!

Course NameDurationCourse TypeMode of StudyLearning Outcomes
Interactive Teaching Methodologies for Blended Learning4 Hrs.CertificateOnline / OfflineApply active learning in classrooms, Create content for blended classroom
Bloom’s Taxonomy – Digital & Physical2Hrs.CertificateOnline / OfflineCreate learning objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Use appropriate tools and assessments for various levels of BT
Learner-Centered Pedagogy3Hrs.CertificateOnline / OfflineApply learner centered strategies in class, Use inquiry based approach, Create 7E Lesson Plans
Experiential Learning in Classrooms4 Hrs.CertificateOnline / Offline

Critically analyze and adopt Experiential Learning as a pedagogy, Plan an Experiential Lesson Plan


Visible Thinking Routine Basic3 Hrs.CertificateOnline / OfflinePromote a deeper understanding of content, Show students how they think and learn, Promote Critical Thinking