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Shri L. R. Tiwari Scholarship Scheme

Unlock Your Potential with 100% Shree L. R. Tiwari Scholarships

In the spirit of Management’s commitment to assuring broader access to its educational resources, we are committed to providing scholarships to all students who demonstrate need while also rewarding all meritorious students that excel in academics (merit-cum need-based scholarships). With this pledge, we make every effort to create a learning environment that embraces students from the widest possible range of backgrounds.

The Managementoffers the opportunity to earn a degree in an academically stimulating and diverse community. Making an informed decision on how to fund your education is essential in laying the foundation for a meaningful learning experience.

About the Management Scholarship Scheme:

  1. The Management scholarship scheme is initiated by the Management of Rahul College of Education inthe academic year 2023-24.
  2. The Scholarship scheme provides for a 100% waiver in the tuition fees for newly admitted for the First year students only.
  3. Tuition fee is one of the components of the total fees which are to be paid through the online portal at the college office.
  4.  The student who wishes to apply for the scholarship must meet and fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  5. On a yearly basis Only 5 students from the newly admitted First Year Undergraduate students will be provided with the Management scholarship.
  6. It is purely based on the academic merits, i.e. the performance of the candidate at the Graduate & Post – Graduate level.
  7. The application should reach the institution within 15 days from the date of confirming admission at the college.
  8. The scholarship form is made available on the college website: https://rahul-edr.org/
  9. The scholarship selection committee would check the eligibility criteria and recommend the management for scholarships to the candidate.
  10. The discretion of the management council would be final and abiding by the students who apply for the management scholarship.
  11. No objection, appeal, or request from the student in regard to the decision of the management council will be entertained under any circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The students who have secured more than 85% in Graduation or Post Graduation are eligible to apply for the Management Scholarship Scheme for a waiver in the tuition fees for the first year of College. (Component of the total fees)
  • The candidate should be a fresh regular student
  • The candidate should be clear onthe first attempt.
  • The Management scholarship scheme is open to all the reserve classes as well as open category students including Minority quota, In-house quota, etc.
  • The candidate should provide with true and correct information in the scholarship form. Any erroneous or wrong information would amount to the cancellation of the name from the nomination for the scholarship.


  1. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of sports performance in recognized competitions held between the previous calendar year.
  2. A candidate in full time employment will not be eligible for the scholarship scheme.
  3. A scholarship holder shall not receive any other sports scholarship from any other source and should not be inmate of sports hostel of SAI/State Govt. In case the scholarship holder is already in receipt of any such award/ facility, he/she will have to surrender that in order to avail himself/herself of the benefits of this scholarship. A selected candidate may however, enjoy merit scholarship for studies other than sports scholarship and /or fee concession if given by the school in which he/she studies.
  4. The applicant shall apply only in one discipline in which he / she had achieved highest performance.
  5. If the dates of competitions or timing / distance / height / weight / points etc. achieved are not mentioned in the certificate, the applicant may obtain the same from concerned agency & enclose the same to the application failing which the application will NOT be considered

1-Elite Scholar Fast Track Admission

All students who are eligible for the sports scholarships are given admission on Fast Track. That means they do not have to appear for the Sports Trial & Interview and their admission is done based on their application form and assessment of sports certificates for last three years.

  • 100% Scholarship – International Players
  • 50% Scholarship – National Medal winners
  • *(Gold, Silver & Bronze position only)

Continuation of Scholarship

Scholarship is granted on annual basis and continuation in second and further years of the program is subject to scholarship policy. To continue availing 100% scholarship student must secure position in top 5% of the merit list for the program. For continuation of 50% scholarship, student will have to secure position in top 10% of the merit list for the program.

2-Scholar Admission through Sports Trial & Interview

Selection will be based on Sports trial & Interview in addition to Application & Assessment of Sports certificates for last three years

  • 25% Scholarship – National Participation*

Recognized by

  • Olympic Games by IOC
  • World championships under International Sports Federation (IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia
  • Asian Championship organized by International Federation of concerned game (recongnized / affiliated by MYAS and / or IOA)
  • Commonwealth Games, S.A.F. Games and Afro Asian Games.
  • Paralympics Games (recognized / affiliated by IOC and / or MYAS)

In absence of relevant Sports certificates Scholarship application will not be considered.