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Certificate Course on Designing and Developing Teaching Aids

About the Certificate Course on Designing and Developing Teaching Aids

Rahul College of Education in collaboration with Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education and Research under the department of IQAC has organized a 30 hours Certificate Course on Designing and Developing Teaching Aids from 8th May 2023 to 13th May 2023 .The objective of this Certificate Course on Designing and Developing Teaching Aids is to explore the concept of use of teaching aids helps to create deep in concept permanently and to build the capacity of Facilitators/Academicians/Coordinators/Heads of departments/ Principal so as to facilitate its institutionalization in the Teaching-Learning System and other Academic Processes of the Institution.



This Certificate Course on Designing and Developing Teaching Aids addresses the need to enhance the knowledge about explosive growth in the volume of information available to learners. Information is now in multiple forms like texts, graphics, video and audio. To use such vast amounts of information and differentiating learning has become a humongous task . As a result, teachers have become saddled with the challenge of how to teach learners to make sense of the vast amount of information they find, identify credible sources, question authenticity and accuracy of information, connect new knowledge with prior knowledge, and discern its significance in comparison to what they already understand and its implications in curriculum planning, teaching, assessment, evaluation and accreditation.
Mr. Yigal Banker Sir the executive director of Rahul International Schools with extended responsibility of Asst. Professor at Rahul College of Education.He holds a Graduate degree in Chemistry (B.Sc. Chemistry), B.Ed. in Maths and Science Pedagogy, Post-graduation in (M.A. Education), having a keen interest in interacting and networking with Parents and learners & in Teacher training. Having extensive experience of Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry in SSC/CBSE/ICSE and IGCSE – A Levels Curriculum. He has conducted many skills oriented workshops such as:24 Karat Gold Workshop,POSCO Training,Hold an Attitude – A positive approach towards classroom teaching,Worksheet designing-The6 Hats approach,Time Management-for grade 10 students,Emotional needs of a child-for Parents of Pre-Primary Section ,Use your right Brain- Innovative methods of teaching for teachers,Sincere Leader Vs Good Leader – Leadership skills for Principals of Xavier’s Group, Emotional Intelligence – For teaching and Non-Teaching Staff and Parental Non-Violent Communication with Kids: organized for Parents of Grades I- IX.
Ms. Dhanisha Benoy Asst. Professor Rahul College of Education .She is passionate about creating opportunities for interactive and collaborative learning that instill a growth mindset. She holds the Master degree in Education and in Botany, also certified with International Student Assessment SAT,MAP, She has completed Level 1 Certification- Map Guide and Awarded with Best Overall Contribution Award at GEMS Winchester School. She started her teaching career as a Science Teacher at Akanksha Foundation, then worked with GEMS Winchester School IGCSE Curriculum- Abu Dhabi,also as a Biology Teacher & MYP Coordinator American Curriculum at Summit International Schools – Abu Dhabi, and currently she is associated with Rahul College of Education and have worked as a Convener of E- Symposium Konnekt 2k22 on Current trends in education Designed and executed FDP on Outcome Based Education and Certificate course on Designing and development Teaching Aids for B.Ed students.She has also recently presented a paper on “Creating an optimal learning environment with equity and inclusion in Higher Education” in a National Conference on the theme”Enhancing Quality for better tomorrow”.Her research interest is in areas of educational technology,inclusive education and immersive learning .
Ms. Rukminee Yadav has been serving as Assistant Professor in Thakur ShyamNarayan College of Education , Mumbai, since 2021.She has completed M.Ed. in Science Education (Mumbai University, Maharashtra), M.Sc. Environmental Science (YCMOU, Maharashtra), and Qualified PET from The University of Mumbai in the year 2021 and currently preparing herself for Ph.D. in Education . She started her career as Higher Secondary Teacher in Science, later shifted toTeacher Training and joined Rahul College of Education in the year 2018 , and she got an experience in teaching both Pedagogy of teaching Mathematics and Science. She has published research papers and articles like Phenomenon based learning: Conceptual mastery of learning science in relation with problem solving skills in secondary school students., JETIR, Journal No.63975, Volume – 6, Issue – 6 , September 2019 and 21ST Century knowledge and skills: A potential shift from Teacher Centered Instruction to Learner Centered Instruction with applications of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), JETIR, December 2019 in national and international journals, and written some units for institutions. She has presented papers in various seminars and conferences like NEP 2020 Transforming Teacher Education. She has delivered expert talks in seminars and also acted as resource person in various school level workshops on teaching Mathematics in Mumbai. Also she has contributed lectures for MOOC programmes and delivered more than 100 live lectures .Her areas of interest are educational technology, educational research, pedagogy of teaching science education and mathematics education and open and distance learning.Payal Batavia is an assistant professor at Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education & Research in Mumbai, India. She has qualified her SET & NET Exam. She holds her Master degree in Commerce specialized in Marketing from University of Mumbai. She also holds her Master Degree in Education and has achieved Gold Medal for securing the highest marks in Master degree from SNDT women’s University. She is very keen in learning technology for education and has always been updating her technological skills through professional development courses. She has a deep interest in making learning easy for learners and so always tried to blend technology in her teaching learning process. Her research interests are Designing and developing online courses for students and Open Education Resources (OERs). She has been a resource person in many colleges from Mumbai as well as from SNDT university.
Mr. Pradeep Shukla is an Assistant Professor & IQAC Coordinator at Rahul College of Education, he holds an optimistic approach towards work and life. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education and in Commerce. Having 5+ years of experience in academics as an educator. Started his career as an Assistant Professor with Raval Institute of Hotel Management, then with Shri.L.P.Raval College of Education & Research followed by Rahul International School and currently working with Rahul College of Education in the capacity of IQAC Coordinator. He has secured 2nd Position in B.Ed. He qualified PET from The University of Mumbai in the year 2022 and is currently preparing himself for Ph.D. in Education. His areas of interest in academic research is in developing a strong value and belief system in students focussing on Integrity,leadership ,Innovation and Change.
Ms Joyce Britto is the Vice Principal of Rahul International School Mira Road and has over 2 decades experience in the field of education. Her experience spans the State board in Maharashtra, ICSE board, CAIE and CBSE board.She is always ready to share her experience with the pre service teachers. She is a research scholar at the Mumbai University pursuing her Ph.d research in Educational Psychology. She has received the award for the best research paper at the International Conference ICSETTSE-2022. The topic being:REFLECTIVE THINKING – A RADAR FOR LEARNERS IN THE INFORMATION DRIVEN ERA.Ms Joyce has secured a national rank of 20 in the TPO Centa 2018 for the test track of secondary school Physics.Has secured a place in the top 30 percentile internationally in the Suraasa Teachers Olympiad 2022.
Dr. Anju Chaplot is presently working as the Assistant Professor at Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education and Research, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is M.Com. (Mgt., B.Ed., M.Ed., P.G.D.M.E., NET (Edu.), Ph.D. (Edu.), having 16 years of experience in the education field. She has co-authored two books on Educational Psychology. She has participated and presented papers in RIEs, International, National, State level seminars and Conferences. She is associated with IGNOU as an Academic Counsellor. She has acted as a Resource person for various online lectures for educational institutions.Ms Foram Patel ,Assistant Professor and IQAC coordinator, at Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education and Research ,MA,MEd. NET, SET, Pursuing PhD.15 years of teaching experience in BEd College,Published Paper on “Types of Conflicts” with Dr. Arpeeta Bhatia Burman (Digital Content Development-Storyboard) in Monograph-II ISBN No.987-81-924258-5-6.Published Paper on “Varna System” (Digital Content Development-Storyboard) in Monograph-II ISBN No. 987-81-924258-5-6.Attended and presented paper title ‘A Study of the Assertiveness Skill of Female BEd students in Relation to their Self Esteem’ in State Level Seminar on ‘Contribution of Women in Nation Building: Creating a Momentum on Social Inclusion’ organized by Lords College of Education, Malad, Mumbai on 10th March, 2018. Attended and presented a paper titled ‘Happiness Quotient of School Teachers’ in the National Seminar on ‘Dynamics of Effective Classroom Teaching’ organized by Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education and Research, Kandivali. Mumbai on 16th and 17th March, 2018, ISSN-23199318. Attended and presented a paper titled ‘A Study of the Attitude of Students towards Transgender’in National Seminar on ‘Gender parity: An Era to be Together’ organized by Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education and Research, Kandivali. Mumbai on 15th and 16th March, 2019, ISSN- 1076-5131