Rahul College of Education


Pursue A Degree In Education From One Of The Top B. Ed Colleges In Mumbai

One of Mumbai’s Top Colleges, Rahul College of Education  has been established by notable Social Worker and Educationist Pt. Lallan R. Tiwari Hon. Founder Chairman of Rahul Education in the year 2006 to advance teacher training in India. It is located in the western suburb of Mumbai.

The visionary who remains committed to his dream EDUCATION FOR ALL.

The goal of teacher education is to develop teachers into “encouraging, supportive, and humane facilitators in teaching-learning situations to enable learners to discover their talents, realize their physical and intellectual potentialities to the fullest extent possible, and develop character and desirable social and human values to function as responsible citizens.”

Quality imperative is a dynamic concept that always adapts to an institution which is undergoing profound social and economic transformation through constructive change. Encouragement for future-oriented thinking and foresight is important for a teacher education institute as the destiny of a nation lies in her classroom. Despite different contexts, there are many common elements in the pursuit of a quality teacher education, which should equip all people, both women and men, to be fully participating members of not only their own country but also the world community in a broader perspective. Quality teacher education therefore requires us to redefine the different parameters of education in such a way as to cover certain basic knowledge, values, competencies and behavior that are specifically attuned to globalization but reflect the richness of our diversity of Indian culture in terms of language.

To ensure a sustainable future, the task is to create educational systems that balance local, national, and global objectives. Rahul College of Education, a Top-Notch institution, is founded on a strong philosophy with specific aims and objectives that support the achievement of its vision and mission. In terms of nation-building in the modern era, there are tremendous expectations placed on teachers. Both demanding academic and extracurricular activities are a part of the teacher preparation curriculum. Together, these activities give potential teachers a well-rounded exposure that aids in their overall growth. At Rahul College of Education, every endeavor is made to provide high-quality teacher preparation.