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Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension

Unlock Lifelong Learning: Join Rahul College of Education’s Collaboration with Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension

Looking for an institution that goes beyond just academic excellence? Rahul College of Education’s collaboration with the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (DLLE) is the perfect opportunity for students to foster a sense of responsibility towards society and prepare for a greater social commitment.

At RCOE, we understand that enhancing employability skills is crucial in today’s competitive job market, which is why we have enrolled in the DLLE to offer a wider range of degree-level programs and skill development programs. Our collaboration with DLLE also allows us to cater to the needs of the unreached and promote a knowledge-based society through various extension and field outreach activities.

Through our collaboration with DLLE, we also network with governmental and non-governmental agencies, international organizations, and industries to provide our students with diverse real-life situations that deepen their knowledge and develop essential employability, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

At RCOE, we believe in promoting gender equality and empowering women in society, which is why we brief our students on the role of women in society. We also value public relations and believe in relating with the common man to better understand their problems and create solutions.

Join us at RCOE and enroll in our DLLE programs to make a positive impact on society and develop the essential skills needed to excel in your career. Choose Rahul College of Education for an education that not only prepares you for academic success but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards society.


Programme Convenor Mrs. Alka Jain has Completed the procedure with the help of Dr. Kunal Jadhav Sir working as an Associate Professor in DLLE.

The college students are enrolled for extension work projects and perform various activities for the social awareness based on various issues / problems in the society such as Save Girl Child, Pollution, Aids, Global Warming, Environment, Tree Plantation, Importance of Education, Illiteracy, Child Labour, Dowry Deaths, Malnutrition, Watershed Management and so many. The students are creating awareness about these social problems/issues through various activities such as Street Play. Exhibition. Poster Making. Songs. Speech. Survey, Elocution Seminar & Conferences. For this purpose, students are actually going to the society and involve the community and make them aware of our role in eradicating social problems faced by the society and trying to convince the people human duties as an ideal citizen. To facilitate the sensitization of the student to the socio-cultural realities, the Department offers for the student, extension work projects encompassing social issues. There are six types of Extension Work Projects being offered by the department under the two different units for enhancing the employability and IT skills of the student. The projects are as given below:
  1. Career Project [CP]
  2. Industry Orientation Project [TOP] 
  3. Anna Poorna Yojana [APY]
  1. Population Education Club (PEC)
  2. Survey of Women’s Status (SWS)
  3. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)


The Department systematizes intensive training programs for the Teachers from the associated participating colleges both Degree and B. Ed colleges. More than 600 Degree and B. Ed. Teachers and nearly 850 Student Managers are trained and motivated to carry out the extension work projects in the colleges and to benefit the community. >Every year the Department organizes an Annual Extension Work Festival titled UDAAN: the flight of Extension. Students of Extension Work from various colleges come together and give Performances and Best Displays are also awarded prizes based on the recommendations of the panel of Export Judges. In the last year around 10,000 college students & teachers participated in this festival at various locations in Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg districts.

Rahul College of Education has organised a One-day Orientation Session in Collaboration with the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension on 10th December 2022. The session was headed by the field coordinator appointed by the DLLE, Dr. Shirley Agwocha from Thakur College Kandivali. Ma’am explained to the students about the various activities which could be done under the Annapurna Yojna at the College Level and Community Level to improve and develop the overall abilities of the students and also foster life skills in them.

The Convenor Mrs. Alka Jain and Student Manager Ms. Juwe Dsouza from the Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension of Rahul College of Education attended the second term training of extension work activities for the year 2022-2023 on 30th November,2022 at 10: 00 am to 01: 30 pm. at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College Vasai (W). The Training session was headed by Dr. Kunal Jadhav Sir, he focuses on the submission of reports and annexure for the second term extensions activities.

List of Activities

Rahul College of Education appreciates students’ willingness and determination to participate in the “UDAAN: The Flight of Extension” festival organised by the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (University of Mumbai). The students of Rahul College of Education participated in the street play based on the theme “Save Food, Save Earth,” and Ms. MithaliJha, a second-year student, won the 1st Prize in the Creative Writing Competition.
This year the fest was hosted in the vicinity of the “Sahyadri College of Arts and Commerce” in Naigaon. The festival’s theme was to raise awareness about the extension projects carried out by colleges affiliated with the University of Mumbai in society as well as to raise awareness about social issues through various competitions and extension work projects carried out by college students to enhance modern skills to meet the modern technological world’s challenges and opportunities.
The event concluded with the awarding of certificates to all participants and trophies to the winners.