Rahul College of Education

Vision & Mission

The Teachers’ Training institute established at Rahul D.El.Ed. College, aspires to be model in respect of high quality in Teacher Education Courses that may compete with National and International standards. Various innovative experiments are being conducted by erudite scholars and theorists. The well qualified and experienced faculty of Rahul D.El.Ed. College are expected to contribute immensely to the fulfilment of the educational needs of twenty first century.
Our mission is to contribute to nation building by creating committed and sensitive teachers having a strong value system, a democratic attitude and an urge for acquiring and disseminating knowledge. We strive to create competent teachers. The competency areas include the following:
  • Contextual Competencies comprising a wider view of the role of teachers in transactions between education and society.
  • Competencies of understanding the learner as well as the learning process thereby designing learner friendly atmosphere by the use of various theories.
  • Transactional Competencies. Competencies related to ICT (Information Communication Technology) based teaching learning.
  • Evaluation competencies.
  • Competencies related to community contact and co-operation for value components in Teacher Education. All these teachers’ competencies are to be developed during teacher training. Moreover, teaching being a profession, the following important areas of commitments will be covered in the teacher education curriculum commitments to the learner, the society, the profession.