Rahul College of Education

Principal’s Desk

B.Ed. clg principal photo bhayandar

 I/C Principal

Mrs. Sanjana Mishra

M.A (Education), M.A.(English), B.Ed. M.Ed., Ph.D. (Reg. Mumbai University)
“We invite you to join our institution to transform yourself into accomplished educators.”

Welcome to Rahul College of Education a constituent part of Rahul Education. I am honored to serve as the I/C Principal of the institution and I would like to share with you what our institution has to offer you.

“Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go. We believe everyone can innovate. #RCE  gives you a platform to innovate”

We have been witnessing the need for leaders in all spheres in today’s contemporary world. Leaders who can tackle the pressures of digital world and contribute to Quality Education. We take great pride in offering an education program that provides a platform to create impact focused program where the students learn to practice innovation in classrooms.

Our programs Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), The programs go beyond the pedagogical skills and theories and aim at creating teachers who are humanistic, multicultural and humane in their outlook.

We prepare students to play the roles of catalyst by empowering them with the right knowledge and skills that allows them to bring in transformation in educational sphere. Our program equips the prospective teachers latest trends in pedagogy and develop professionalism and commitment for lifelong learning. Its encourage students to conduct pioneering research, and contribute to the field of knowledge. We assure you that at our institution you will be geared to face the technology driven classrooms. We are proud to say that amidst our vision has enabled us to move ahead with strength and optimism.